About Us

Shop Australia's best-loved stores on Kickback to get paid a percentage of the amount you spend. It's pretty simple, and it's a quick way to build more cash from money you're already spending.

All it takes is one extra click.


Our Background


The Founders

Brothers and Co-Founders of Credit Card Compare (now trading as Finty.com), Andrew and David were born and bred into a retail family. Business was in the blood paired with an inherent love of creating solutions to everyday problems.


But start-ups are painful; they refine not only us, but what we create. The journey started with Credit Card Compare (now Finty Australia) and then brought us to Kickback.com.au.


It’s no secret, if you shop using a rewards credit card, you’ll be rewarded. Whether it’s into a frequent flyer program or a bank’s rewards program – it pays to use a specific card.


With this we discovered something: the Australian market was lopsided. It still is. When a consumer shops with a debit card – why aren’t they rewarded? 


Months of research followed. Friends, family, financiers, shoppers and our subscribers were called on for their two cents. Numbers were crunched, an ABN was registered and excitement ensued. 


Today, we call that excitement Kickback – the nation’s newest cashback business. Australian owned and run, we’re an energetic group of big-thinkers and go-getters that aren’t afraid to shake things up.


And that’s just what we plan to do.