FAQ's about Kickback

What is Kickback and how does it work??

Kickback is a new way to earn real money just for shopping at your favourite online stores. Simply sign up for a Kickback account, and choose the store you would like to shop at from the list of popular retailers on our website. All you need to do next is click through a link on our site to be taken to the store’s website, where you can complete your purchase. Kickback tracks your purchase and awards you a stated percentage of the purchase amount as cash into your Kickback account. When the accumulated Cashback in your account reaches a minimum of $10.01, you can withdraw it to your nominated bank account or PayPal account.

Why do I get paid to shop?

In retail, there are many ways to attract customers to your business. Companies often spend large amounts of money on marketing with no guarantee of anyone actually shopping. Retailers pay us a commission for each customer who clicks through our site to shop. We earn a percentage amount (or flat fee) on what you spend with the retailers. We then share that commission with our customers so that everybody wins. Our Cashback site is merely another marketing channel for retailers.

Do I need to create a Kickback account to start earning Cashback?

Yes. Unless you open a Kickback account and log in before you make a purchase, Kickback cannot track your purchase and will not be able to credit the Cashback to your account.

How do I earn Cashback?

Simply create a Kickback account and log in before you start shopping at one of our partner stores. (You can add our chrome extension to your browser to have a reminder pop up on your screen if you start to browse one of our partner retail websites and haven’t logged in to Kickback.) The amount of Cashback you will receive from shopping at each of our partner stores is clearly listed on our website. After you access the store via Kickback, we’ll track any purchases you make and credit the appropriate Cashback amount to your Kickback account.

Is the Cashback percentage the same for every purchase at every retailer or merchant?

No. The Cashback rate that is offered through Kickback will vary from merchant to merchant due to retailers paying different commission rates. Some merchants offer more than one type of product or service for sale, so may offer different percentages across different types of products.

Do the Cashback percentages at a particular retailer or merchant always stay the same?

No. The Cashback percentage offered can go up or down. Some merchants may increase Cashback percentages for a short time as a special promotion. You should check the Cashback percentage being offered before you start shopping.

Is there a time limit for making purchases once I click through to shop on a site?

Yes, but the time limit varies from store to store. We recommend that you complete your purchase in less than three hours in order to avoid any problems in tracking your purchase and being awarded Cashback.

Does Kickback have a ‘Refer a friend’ program?

Yes! If you love Kickback and want to share the word with your friends, family, or even strangers on the internet then simply head to the ‘Refer a friend’ page. You will be provided with a code that you can share through social media, email, or a quick copy and paste. For each friend you sign up to Kickback using your unique referral code you'll both get $5 into your Kickback accounts. Minimum spend of $20 required.

How long does it take for the Cashback amount to appear in my Kickback account after I’ve made a purchase?

A tracked record of your purchase should appear in your Kickback account within 48 hours. Depending on which partner you have shopped with, the Cashback amount will take between one day and 120 days to become available for withdrawal from your Kickback account. This is because we have to wait for the merchant to verify that you have made the purchase, and in some cases that it has not been returned or refunded.

How can I remember to log in to Kickback before I start shopping?

We make it easy for you to remember. You can add our chrome extension to your browser to have a reminder pop up on your screen if you start to browse one of our partner retail websites and haven’t logged in to Kickback.

How do I know if my Cashback has been tracked?

We’ll send you an email notification to confirm the tracked purchase within 48 hours. Or you can log in to your Kickback account to see your tracked purchase history.

Can my Cashback be tracked if I forget to click through from Kickback?

Unfortunately, no. If you go directly to the web page of one of our partner stores without clicking through a link on Kickback, we will be unable to track your purchase and award your Cashback. But we make it easy to remember. You can opt in to have a reminder pop up on your screen if you start to browse one of our partner retail websites and haven’t logged in to Kickback first.

How do I create a Kickback account?

Creating a Kickback account is quick and easy!

After I’ve requested a withdrawal from my Kickback account, how long does it take before the amount appears in my bank or PayPal account?

Withdrawals should appear in your bank or PayPal account within 3-5 working days.

Is there a fee for making a cash withdrawal from my Kickback account?

No. We do not charge a fee for either bank account or PayPal withdrawals.

What happens if I have an adblocker installed?

Adblockers can prevent purchase tracking from working properly. Please disable your adblocker before you start shopping.

What happens if I have disabled cookies in my browser?

Kickback will be unable to track your purchase and give you Cashback if you have disabled cookies in your browser. Please make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser settings before you start shopping.

How can I get in touch with Kickback?

Our Customer Service team will be very happy to help with any queries you may have about earning Cashback or managing your Cashback account. Once you have an account you can message customer service from within your account. You can contact us using this form. (Link to contact form)

What are Kickback’s user Terms & Conditions?

Please see our full Terms & Conditions here: Terms and Conditions.

Is Kickback free to use?

Yes, absolutely free. Kickback does not charge you for holding an account, tracking your purchases or withdrawing your earnings.

Since Kickback is free for users, how does it make a profit?

Our partner retailers and merchants pay us a commission whenever you complete a purchase with them through the Kickback site. We then share that commission with you. Win, win!